Research is a very important part of film making it refines to two types or main categories, primary and secondary. primary being personal research so actually going to the location you want to film and taking pictures of where your going to film, when secondary would be going to Google maps and finding the location on there. there are many different methods of research such as photos, interviews and even practicing the shots you want to take before you go to set to shoot them you can also watch films or TV shows in similar categories.

To find the research on the subject you can use various sources you have the obvious one the internet then you have magazines, books, articles and interviews with the people your researching.

Example of how we research.

When we research we brake it into five steps

Step 1: deciding what your research topic.

A short romance in a café.

What café what it looks like.

Actors the male role and female role what type of relationship they have.

Step 2: how.

Research famous cafes and what they look like visit cafes.

Analyse relationships in friend and family’s.

Step 3: sources

Using the internet to find pictures of cafes.

Using movies to analyse relationships.

Step 4: do it.

Go to your cafe or build one on set.

Get your actors to speak as there in the relationship you analysed.

Step 5: report.

Analyse what you have done and think how you can make it better .