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Unit 4 LO 1.2

week 7: Unit 4: representation

Stereotypes archetypes and countertypes 

stereotypes- stereotypes are what you expect someone to be like based on their age, gender, religion, sexuality or race. So for example seeing a young teen in a hoodie and relating them to a chav.

archetypes- archetypes are the extreme example of the stereotype. Its like seeing a kid in a hoodie and assuming his names Callum he comes from a council state his mums a drug addict with no care for him hes been arrested multiple times and sells weed.

counter type- would be the opposite of what you expect that person to be like so are example of Callum accept Callum is actually the next welterweight champion of the world and his mum may be a drug addict but he works hard to help and support her.

Examples of stereotypes and countertypes in film and tv

stereotype- for stereotypes I think the best place to look is at classic horrors but in this case i’m going to use a modern horror  which really shows the stereotypes of high school students. The horror I chose is called  The Cabin in the Wood’s (2012). The reason I chose this film is because they make it clear from the start who is who you had the jock big muscly carry’s a football and wheres a letter jacket. Then you’ve got your stoner long wavy hair wares raggedy clothes and has a slouched posture. Also you have the dumb blond who likes to sleep around, the virgin who is always the final girl and the scholar the guy with perfect grades who normally gets with the virgin. All of these put together gives you your perfect range of high school teens ready to get freshly killed by some sort of mad psycho or ghost.


Sick Chirpse. 2017. Cabin in the woods cast – Sick Chirpse. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 January 2017].

Counter type- For my counter type although it may be simple I chose Dirty Grandpa (2016). Simply because it starts off with the actor Robert De Niro  playing an innocent old man like the stereotype, but then quickly switches it to him being some  party animal who is doing drugs and chatting up college girls so it really switches around the old man look.





Hello Project

Communication Report

The communication method I chose was video.  The reason I chose this is because it communicates my idea of parallel worlds idea so well and if I did something like radio it just would not fit. At all but however a print would have worked but its just not the way I wanted to tackle the project as it just has stills and word’s, when I like to speak with motion and emotions I think that is the main reason why I didn’t use anything else than video and rejected all other communication methods.


Location- the location I picked for my project is Kennington this is generally because its my home area which means I wont have to travel at all. I’ve picked two spots in my local area one being my house the other being the local memorial park.untitled

This is the memorial park as you can see it is fairly small and there is a road around it so problems I could face is ambient noise. However it isn’t a busy road so I should be able to get a clear shot.

Clothing- the clothing is quite simple seeing as there is going to be two different people who is the same person there going to have to have two different costumes being only slight changes like different hats and different jumpers. just to show that there personality’s are different which actually links to my location because the two personality’s one wakes up in a bed the other wakes up on a bean bag showing ones more  of a party animal and the other is more of a straight edge dose nothing all day lives a normal life follows all the rules never dose anything bad.

Equipment- the equipment I will use is a Nikon d5200 as this is my camera so it is easily accessible the sound will be recorded on a zoom as this can be borrowed from the department as well as the tripod I’m using so all the equipment is easy to get and wont cost any money.

research evaluation

From comparing my video to my research I can see that the research has paid off quite well except from a few things like ambient noise. The ambient noise was too strong and it ended up that I couldn’t use the sound recording I had recorded, and had to use the audio from the camera which wasn’t as high quality as the audio from the zoom if the ambient sound was less.

Production diary

Monday- I was in college helping Nicole by acting in her production it took half the day I also checked if my equipment was ready to pick up for Wednesday.

Tuesday- I was supposed to be helping Nicole reshoot some shots for her production but she messaged me saying she was sick. So I filmed my first few shots at my house the bed scene and the grabbing of the hat.

Wednesday- came in to reshoot with Nicole which took about half the day I then went to collect the rest of the equipment to start filming. The previous shots were filmed using my friends tripod I then went home and my friend came round to film the two inside shots before he went to work.

Thursday- I had to work so had no time to do any of my production.

Friday-I went tot take my shots but unfortunately the lighting was way too dull and the footage I had taken was not what I wanted so we went to reshoot the next day.

Saturday I retook all the outside shots made sure they were perfect for what I needed then I had finished all I needed to do was edit the production.

cast feedback.

Cameraman Henry: “first time filming was fun found it hard at first but slowly got the hang of it.” Henry performed very well however some flaws were that he had quite shaky footage when he wasn’t using the tripod.

Soundman Bob : “I didn’t quite know what I was doing but once it was explained I was okay.” Bob performed as asked unfortunately for him the audio had too much ambient noise.

Critical Perspective Report.

My main focus was on narrative how I was telling the story of the two worlds colliding together and how I could get it perfect. At first I was focusing too much on the two character’s being In sync and I think that was my initial problem, as the two character’s couldn’t be in sync unless I filmed for a very long time which I di not have. Once I had realised this it became a lot more easier to film. The scene at the shelter was the most significant scene linked to my narrative as it is the scene when the two characters cross paths. I think it was also the hardest scene to edit as I had to use a split screen effect and when it came to colour balance it was very hard to match up as the colour kept changing due to shadows but in the end it was okay.

My other focus was on semiology because I didn’t want anything to distract the audience from the message that I’m trying to push forward. That is why I kept the production clean and plain so all the focus was on the characters and what there doing not what the surroundings were doing.

Contextuality Report

When I initially heard of the project I instantly was hooked to this idea of sync and even though I was told it may be quite hard it was what I wanted to do and I was not changing my idea.

As I said previously I did have problems with time as I wanted to make my project so perfect and in sync I wasn’t focusing enough on dead lines however I di get the footage I wanted in the end and everything was good it just wasn’t in sync or perfect like I wanted it to be another factor was money I didn’t have any budget to buy specialist equipment and had to borrow it which worked but I could have made the production  much longer and much better if I had budget to rent higher quality equipment.

final results


good points.

  1. editing work
  2. narrative
  3. camera work

I think these three things went well as they were my key focus in the production all the way threw, I was concentrating on how I was going to deliver the narrative and how I was going to do the editing on the final scene and it all turned out ok.

bad points.

  1. sound
  2. colour correction

I think these two went bad because  it was very hard to get the colour correction perfect and I think id need a lot more experience to balance it, and the sound there was just simply too much ambient noise.











W/c 10.10 Unit 4: Week 4: Narrative


Narrative is simply the story. However there are different types of story theirs your standard linear story which is beginning to a middle to an end. Then theirs your more complicated non linear story which could be in any order it wants a perfect example of this would be the film memento (2000).

You also have single and multi stranded story’s. The difference between the two is single stranded will focus on mainly one thing  it will have barely any sub plot maybe a little bit about the characters. How ever multi stranded which is more meant for TV shows but can work in films is when you have multiple sub plots all in a way contributing to the main plot.

There is also opened and closed storys. Which is very simple is it comes down to the fact a closed story finishes at the end when a open story will continue after the end.

Narrative techniques.

There are many narrative techniques there are voice overs which is as it says on the tin a voice over the footage playing on screen, text on screen which is text explaining what is going on and diagetic sounds which is real sounds on screen so people talking or objects projecting sounds.


Journey of a 90s raver- my story.

It opens with the main character walking into a rave in a 70s abandoned train depot flashing lights and music of the stone roses fools gold instantly lures him into a dance. Hes dressed in a baggy jumper with a plain white bucket hat. He catches his eyes on two attractive girls he instantly stops dead still and slowly moves over to them the tune changes swiftly to insomnia by faithless. He puts his beer down on a wall outcropping from where the girls are sitting and turns to introduce him self but instantly gets turn down. He then grabs his beer and takes a swig as the drop hits from the music it cuts to him dancing he panics as the walls start to melt and slowly turns into water under his feet. He then slowly sinks into the water beneath him as he gets deeper the music becomes more muffled and then it cuts the whole screen goes black.


Urban Ghosts Media. 2016. Train Graveyard Inside Abandoned Railway Depot | Urban Ghosts. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 October 2016].

He wakes up in a field no idea where he is or what he is doing his mind is like a blank canvas from the day before. He looks about but there’s no sign of town anywhere. where he was a London boy he weren’t used to this kind of scenery so he instantly knew he was a long way from home. He then hears a voice behind him it came from a girl. so not only did he black out and wake up in a field he had no money no car nothing and a girl was with him in the exact same position. He also very vaguely swore he recognised her but it was hard to tell as his head was in a mess. He now realises he’s standing in awkward silence afters she’s just said hello so he quickly says “hey I’m Ty short for Tyler.”

” I’m Alice just Alice. ”

Alice was blonde not attractive in the way most people see but in a unique quirky way she had pale blue eyes olive skin and a sharp face. Alice and Ty talked for a bit then decided the best thing to do was to start there journey to the city.

As there journey went on thee friendship grew into love interests they became very close but Ty couldn’t help but think she was recognisable after a while he forgot about it. It was now the fourth day into there trip they had travelled very far and weren’t far from the city. they had gathered up a bit of money so they decided to stay  at a bed and breakfast accept from sleeping on the streets. they buy a single bedroom with a double bed and they make love for the first time. Alice decides to have a shower after whilst shes in the shower Ty picks up her jeans to move them but he catches his eyes on what looked like a small purse he openedit to find money and alot of it he then opened another compartment and it had photos he instantly droped the purse and the photos and started to get dressed very fast he then opens the door but he freezes still when he hears the coking of a gun. see he knew he recognised her but he couldnt quite pin down from where but when he saw those photos it was clear she was part of his dreams accept them dreams were actually reality since about a year ago every so often Ty had dreams about someone standing over his bed and takeing photos accept it wernt a dream alice was the one takeing photos adn they were real she was also the one who spiked his drink andleft him in the middle of no where all so he learnt to love her. Alice now had a gun to the back of his head he didnt want to die he slowley turned around but still they both said nothing Ty stared her in the eyes and said “this isnt going to work”

“It will were in love dont you see.”

“No your in love Alice.”

“You will love me.”

“I cant love you your a stalker and a psycho you’ve got a gun to my head.”

“We can be so happy.”

“No we can’t not now I know but we can both walk away from this like grown ups.”


“Take your finger off the trigger please we can talk.”


“You dont want me alice im not good for you.”

” I do want you and only you and we will be together whether you like it or not.”

Two shots were fired with a 5 second gap in-between. The old lady who ran the bed and breakfast slowley walked up stairs creep by raidohead plays in the background. As she opens the bedroom door she finds two dead bodies one killed one suicide she looked around and ran to the phone to call the police. Cut to black.

The End.


week 3: unit 4: w/c 3.10. Theory mise-en-scene.

Mise-en-scene is simply what’s on the screen so when analysing mise-en-scene we look at the props, locations, sounds, clothes and actors. We use mise-en-scene when we watch an opening scene to a TV show or a movie so we can decode the scene to understand what its about. For example if we took a man sitting in front of a pile of drugs and money in a mansion everything either gold white or red we would instantly pin him down as a king pin or a drug lord. This is why mise-en-scene is important because we use it to analyse movies and what there about below ill used two examples of trailers from movies just to show how important it is.

The first trailer I picked is a personal favourite of mine which is the trailer for kings of summer (2013). As it opens we see a boy present a poorly built bird box to his teacher. I think the poorly built bird box represents the boys attitude as he is sloppy and has no care in his work. The teacher then goes on to say “your final was due a week ago.” This shows the boy is lazy and dose not meet deadlines. It also shows its the end of school as he says “schools over.” So altogether it shows the film could be about the boys summer holiday.

We then move on to the first shot of his dad. His dad busts into his room and tells him to move the tools out of the drive way even though its clear he’s on the phone to someone. He then continues to grab the phone and talks to the person on the other side showing his dad dose not care if he embarrasses him showing the boys home life is not perfect.

Then their’s the major shot that sets what the movie is actually about which is 3 boys running away and living in woods as when they get to a certain spot they say “this is the site of our new home.”

YouTube. 2016. The Kings Of Summer TRAILER 1 (2013) – Nick Offerman, Alison Brie Movie HD – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 October 2016].

The second trailer I’ve chosen is Django unchained. In the opening scene to the trailer we can instantly see its a western as there is some men on horses in a desert style place. it then instantly switches to a forest where a man approaches them in a outfit which clearly shows its a western movie.

The next scene is the most obvious as the two main characters are sat in a old western tavern having a drink after they’ve just shown a shot of a western town. So from the start the mise en scene instantly points out its a western.

YouTube. 2016. Django Unchained – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 08 October 2016].




unit 4: w/c 26.9. week 2: genre

Content expectations in genre.

There are many different genres and a lot of sub genres but focusing on just genre you have your main ones that everyone knows fantasy, crime, western, romance, thriller, drama, sci fi, horror, rom/com, action and adventure. With these genres we expect different things for example if we go to see a crime we expect either murder, a bank heist or simply just a story about growing in the crime ridden hood but obviously there are many more. Its the same with all genres:

Westerns we expect horses,  guns, salons, tumble weed and the hot sun.

Thrillers we expect implied violence, relatable situations, fear and the big one a plot twist.

How to analyse a genre.

When we are watching films we can analyse and find out the genre within in the first scene we do this by looking at the mis-en-scene which is in simplest terms what’s on the screen. So if you were watching a horror we’d instantly look for mould on walls maybe a creepy doll or a rocking horse or simply a murderer or a ghost just general stuff you expect to see in a horror. In most films of a same genre type there is that one classic scene that defines it under that genre this can help to analyse a film as well.

Why is genre important.

Genre is important because it defines a film down to what it is. If it wasn’t for genre we would not know what movies were about as genre instantly gives us a brief description about what it is, for example when we hear horror we instantly know were in store for scares maybe ghosts and monsters, but if we heard oh its just a film it could literally be anything and you don’t want to pay pay for anything when you go to see a film.

Lighting in genre.

In different types of genres they use different types of lighting this is because different types of lighting  is used to create different effects. For example a sci fi has very bright lighting to create a futuristic feel and a horror movie would use red atmospheric lights to create a eerie look. Some genres are more or less similar as a lot of just neutral outdoor lighting is used across genres accept from mainly horrors sci fi and thriller which  have very unique lighting.







Unit 4 . week 1: semiology

Semiology is the study of signs it is when you see an object on screen and you instantly decode it to what it is. Sometimes objects on screen can be encoded meaning there containing a message.

Frequently in films we use colour as when we see a certain colour we see all the different meanings and match them to the film for example:


  • danger
  • love
  • luxury
  • anger
  • heat


  • envy
  • happy
  • natural
  • jealousy
  • greed
  • wealth


  • happy
  • caution
  • warmth
  • summer
  • enlightenment
  • success


  • sick
  • sad
  • cold
  • nostalgia
  • relaxed
  • space
  • aura

My skins character

Name: Alice Hoskin

Style: wears odd socks with vans pumps and loose fitted jeans with paint splats on. She also wears a oversized t shirt which is blue with paint splats on. Her blond hair is done up in a messy bun with a pencil stuck threw it always a 2b in shade.

Personality: Alice is very outgoing she spends more time out than in she is also a wild card and will do nearly anything to impress her Friends who she loves like family as her family is broken.

Bedroom: is very messy but yet very arty. It is full of canvases with paintings on accept there not hanging up there scattered on the floor her bed is very large and very magical as it is painted like a princess bed her walls in her room are covered in paintings of castles theirs also a lot of clothes on the floor.


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