Stereotypes archetypes and countertypes 

stereotypes- stereotypes are what you expect someone to be like based on their age, gender, religion, sexuality or race. So for example seeing a young teen in a hoodie and relating them to a chav.

archetypes- archetypes are the extreme example of the stereotype. Its like seeing a kid in a hoodie and assuming his names Callum he comes from a council state his mums a drug addict with no care for him hes been arrested multiple times and sells weed.

counter type- would be the opposite of what you expect that person to be like so are example of Callum accept Callum is actually the next welterweight champion of the world and his mum may be a drug addict but he works hard to help and support her.

Examples of stereotypes and countertypes in film and tv

stereotype- for stereotypes I think the best place to look is at classic horrors but in this case i’m going to use a modern horror  which really shows the stereotypes of high school students. The horror I chose is called  The Cabin in the Wood’s (2012). The reason I chose this film is because they make it clear from the start who is who you had the jock big muscly carry’s a football and wheres a letter jacket. Then you’ve got your stoner long wavy hair wares raggedy clothes and has a slouched posture. Also you have the dumb blond who likes to sleep around, the virgin who is always the final girl and the scholar the guy with perfect grades who normally gets with the virgin. All of these put together gives you your perfect range of high school teens ready to get freshly killed by some sort of mad psycho or ghost.


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Counter type- For my counter type although it may be simple I chose Dirty Grandpa (2016). Simply because it starts off with the actor Robert De Niro  playing an innocent old man like the stereotype, but then quickly switches it to him being some  party animal who is doing drugs and chatting up college girls so it really switches around the old man look.