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week 4: unit 2: cameras


I’m trying to find out about the use of DSLR cameras in filming. I will look at films and music videos that use DSLR cameras to film and compare them to media shot with expensive high tech equipment and hopefully, show that shooting on DSLRs is a cheaper way of getting the footage you want.

After researching for a while I found my first video. It is a music video by Lil Dicky a comedic rapper. The song is called Save Dat Money. This is a great song for inspiring filmmakers because he makes a whole video without spending money. He buys two DSLRs to film on but also gives them back to save money. The actual music video is crystal clear and super HD and the camera he used was a Sony A7S which costs about £999 which is far better than spending £7000 on fancy high tech equipment.


TechRadar. 2017. Sony A7s vs A7R vs A7 – which Sony full-frame camera should you buy? | TechRadar. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 February 2017].

For my film, I found quite a big Hollywood Blockbuster it was Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). It uses DSLRs and that was a really clear film. It uses 3 types of DSLR cameras a Canon  eos-5d, a Nikon d800 and an Olympus e-p5 it does also use cinematic cameras but there are more DSLR shots than any other. I think this can be very inspiring to young filmmakers as it shows even some of the biggest films are shot partially with DSLR cameras.

13 Big Hollywood Films Shot With The Cannon 5D Mark II | | Gear Reviews, Shootouts, Demo’s and Tutorials. 2017. 13 Big Hollywood Films Shot With The Cannon 5D Mark II | | Gear Reviews, Shootouts, Demo’s and Tutorials. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 February 2017].


Christy Lemire. 2017. Mad Max: Fury Road – Christy Lemire : Christy Lemire. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 February 2017]

In conclusion to my research, I have found that shooting films on DSLR cameras is a very cheap and affordable way of getting clear footage for a film project, and that famous rappers and directors use them to shoot their footage for their projects. I think that this altogether should inspire people to start just filming more and to let their creative side flow.

week 7: Unit 4: representation

Stereotypes archetypes and countertypes 

stereotypes- stereotypes are what you expect someone to be like based on their age, gender, religion, sexuality or race. So for example seeing a young teen in a hoodie and relating them to a chav.

archetypes- archetypes are the extreme example of the stereotype. Its like seeing a kid in a hoodie and assuming his names Callum he comes from a council state his mums a drug addict with no care for him hes been arrested multiple times and sells weed.

counter type- would be the opposite of what you expect that person to be like so are example of Callum accept Callum is actually the next welterweight champion of the world and his mum may be a drug addict but he works hard to help and support her.

Examples of stereotypes and countertypes in film and tv

stereotype- for stereotypes I think the best place to look is at classic horrors but in this case i’m going to use a modern horror  which really shows the stereotypes of high school students. The horror I chose is called  The Cabin in the Wood’s (2012). The reason I chose this film is because they make it clear from the start who is who you had the jock big muscly carry’s a football and wheres a letter jacket. Then you’ve got your stoner long wavy hair wares raggedy clothes and has a slouched posture. Also you have the dumb blond who likes to sleep around, the virgin who is always the final girl and the scholar the guy with perfect grades who normally gets with the virgin. All of these put together gives you your perfect range of high school teens ready to get freshly killed by some sort of mad psycho or ghost.


Sick Chirpse. 2017. Cabin in the woods cast – Sick Chirpse. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 January 2017].

Counter type- For my counter type although it may be simple I chose Dirty Grandpa (2016). Simply because it starts off with the actor Robert De Niro  playing an innocent old man like the stereotype, but then quickly switches it to him being some  party animal who is doing drugs and chatting up college girls so it really switches around the old man look.




week 7: unit 3: career timeline



In this task, I’m going to create a general timeline and a personal timeline following through with the different directions you can go.

General timeline

Stage 1 education- In stage one, you should start at college studying a course related to media, specifically film and tv and you must study that. Later on, you would either move to stage 2 or go to university if you do go to university you could go straight to finding work which is stage 3 if its only temporary. If not it would be stage 4 which is a safe contract job.

Stage 2 apprenticeships and internships- In stage 2 which can be followed from college or university depending on the contacts you make. If you move to an internship you won’t be paid but you will gain very important experience which you can use to move onto stage 3 or 4 depending what job you get offered. However, you could also be offered a job in the company you’re doing the internship for. Apprenticeship is practically the same but you get paid to work.

Stage 3 freelance work- In freelance work it is you working for yourself. Now depending what line you went down whether it was lighting or sound it doesn’t matter because you start a company doing what you want to do you have to take out a business loan and hope to get work.

Stage 4 permanent work – When you reach a certain age and you need job security it is better to just start working for a company stably otherwise you may not get any work.

My timeline

Now- studying at canterbury college.

2 years- gap year.

3 years- apprenticeship or internship.

4 years- freelance lighting or editing.

In the background directing.

10 years- make short films occasional lighting.

20 years- big shot director.

week 7: unit 2: research plan


For this task I am going to research and compare a editing software I will look at reviews, and compare the reveiws in similaritys and differences also look at there pros and cons.



I personally believe that avid is one of the most professional software’s simply because it’s not like the rest it is so unique but yet it runs everything so smooth however this is a personal opinion of avid let’s see what other people say.

The first review I found said that avid is an industry standard software and that if you want a job in the film and TV business you should know how to use it especially if you’re going to the Hollywood film industry.

The cons in this review say that it is however very complicated to use and that it can take a lot of practice to get used to it fortunately though after using it for the first time I feel confident that at the end of the year I’ll know my way around it.

The second review basically said the same thing with the additional comment about the menus saying there well laid out but however, it also has some additional comments on the cons saying that it is more expensive than competitive editing software and it says the interface is boring.

TopTenREVIEWS. 2017. Media Composer Review, 2017 | Top Ten Reviews. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 February 2017]. 2017. AVID Media Composer Review | [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 February 2017].



Week 2:camera movement

week 1: exploring social media

Snapchat- Snapchat was launched in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown who were students at Stanford college at the time. originally it was called picaboo it quickly then changed to the name of snapchat. the snapchat logo or mascot ghost face chillah is named after the wu tang clan member ghost face killah. Snapchat has to date 150 million daily active users and 301 million monthly active users. this is not including the people who have it but do not use it. Facebook offered to buy snapchat for 3 billion dollars but they were declined. The average amount of snaps sent a second is 9000. Snapchat is a good social network to post skits a lot of comedians do it. However it dose have weakness’ such as any video’s you do have to be filmed on snapchat otherwise they cant be published. Also they only will be on there for 24 hours and then after that there deleted but very recently they’ve made it so you can save it to something called memories so that problem has been solved. The fact you can save it to memories also means you can post it to Facebook  or other social media platforms. Another weakness about snapchat is every video you produce has to be in 10 second sections and that could be a problem if your making a longer video but could also work to your advantage if your having a lot of cuts. Altogether snapchat is an okay place to make videos but it may not go far as your friends cant share it so you’d have to extend to other media platforms to get your video out there. However some strength’s are you can alert people when you have new videos on YouTube or Facebook and give them a preview. Another strength is snapchat is a very popular program so a lot of people use it. I personally follow a lot of celebrity’s that post documentary’s of them on set so I do that. However the weakness for this is that not many people would actually watch the whole video.


DMR. 2017. 100 Amazing Snapchat Statistics (December 2016). [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 04 January 2017].

Recombu. 2017. What Is Snapchat? A Beginners Guide To Snapchat. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 04 January 2017].

Vimeo- Vimeo has an average of 170 million Vimeo viewer’s a month. Vimeo have 35 million members and 500,000 premium users. Vimeo was founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein . Vimeo was the first social media platform to support HD videos in 2007.The program also holds a video award for nearly every category of film with large cash prizes. This could work to the advantage of me and other film makers in the sense it will help us get our projects out there and seen. Vimeo is probably one of the best platforms for what I’m doing as it is a professional site for sharing your short films. However there are definitely weakness as it isn’t a well known program in the sense of the general public so not many people outside the media and film and TV industry are familiar with. Instead it is simply for movie makers to share films with other film makers and that can stump your growth in film making. however there will be professionals scouting on Vimeo so your project could be seen and you could be recognised, which is far better than being recognised by the general public its better having 1 view from someone who matters in your industry than 1 million people who don’t. However saying that if you shared it to somewhere like Facebook and you’d made a music video and a small band viewed it and liked it then they might contact you and ask to make a music video for them. So for expanding your contacts its not perfect but if you want that professional look and edge then vimeo is definitely that platform


DMR. 2017. 10 Interesting Vimeo Statistics (March 2016). [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 January 2017].

Wikipedia. 2017. Vimeo – Wikipedia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 January 2017].

Facebook- Facebook was founded by  Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 23 whilst he was studying at Harvard college. Before Facebook he had already made a couple of other sites for people round the uni such as Facemash and Coursematch. in February 2004 he launched Facebook but back then it was called The Facebook. in august 2005 they changed the name to face book after the original address was bought for 200,000 dollars from then it has grown into a worldwide success. Facebook a 1.18 billion active users to this date. There is an average of 20 minuets per user spent on Facebook a day. This leads me to the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook. For starters Facebook is by far one of the largest and well known social media platform if not the largest so it is brilliant if you want to push your work out there. Also there are many pages and groups that may have the same interests as you where you can share your work for others to see. Another strength is that videos are taken more seriously Facebook in the sense most people will watch till the end. Also Facebook let’s you share videos with your friends so it could be literally shared and shared and started.  However this dose not mean it is perfect because even though videos are watched to the end the type of audience watching them only really want to see something funny and probably wont watch till the end otherwise. Another thing is where Facebook is so big it would be hard for scouts or people you want to see your video to find it or even take the time to watch it. Other than that I think Facebook is very good for promoting work.



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week 5 and 7 unit 1 introduction to editing and editing skills.

My task.

In my introduction to editing I was given a series of video footage of a surfer and was told the basics on how to edit with Avid. Avid is a difficult program to operate as it is not just simply drag and drop like the other video editing software’s but instead you cut it before you even put it into your timeline. We also had to set up the file type making sure it was a 720 export on pal at 25 fps. When I first opened avid I had to make sure I was saving my file to the right place and that it is in my edit folder in my project folder. The project folder contains three different folders video, audio and edit the folders are where you store everything to make your project and where you save your project. When I got into the program there were things called bins now this was where the folders and the editing came together because these bins were where I was to store my audio and video footage for the project. As we were given the video and audio this made it easier as I didn’t have to transfer and look through the footage. Then after a while of getting used to the program I started selecting and cutting and placing coming to my final outcome which is below.



looking at my final outcome i’d say it went very well and that it is a well edited project. However I didn’t experiment as much as I should have done but I look forward to tackling that challenge in future projects. I’d also say I didn’t play around with different effects I think generally in future projects I should take more risks.


Hello Project

Communication Report

The communication method I chose was video.  The reason I chose this is because it communicates my idea of parallel worlds idea so well and if I did something like radio it just would not fit. At all but however a print would have worked but its just not the way I wanted to tackle the project as it just has stills and word’s, when I like to speak with motion and emotions I think that is the main reason why I didn’t use anything else than video and rejected all other communication methods.


Location- the location I picked for my project is Kennington this is generally because its my home area which means I wont have to travel at all. I’ve picked two spots in my local area one being my house the other being the local memorial park.untitled

This is the memorial park as you can see it is fairly small and there is a road around it so problems I could face is ambient noise. However it isn’t a busy road so I should be able to get a clear shot.

Clothing- the clothing is quite simple seeing as there is going to be two different people who is the same person there going to have to have two different costumes being only slight changes like different hats and different jumpers. just to show that there personality’s are different which actually links to my location because the two personality’s one wakes up in a bed the other wakes up on a bean bag showing ones more  of a party animal and the other is more of a straight edge dose nothing all day lives a normal life follows all the rules never dose anything bad.

Equipment- the equipment I will use is a Nikon d5200 as this is my camera so it is easily accessible the sound will be recorded on a zoom as this can be borrowed from the department as well as the tripod I’m using so all the equipment is easy to get and wont cost any money.

research evaluation

From comparing my video to my research I can see that the research has paid off quite well except from a few things like ambient noise. The ambient noise was too strong and it ended up that I couldn’t use the sound recording I had recorded, and had to use the audio from the camera which wasn’t as high quality as the audio from the zoom if the ambient sound was less.

Production diary

Monday- I was in college helping Nicole by acting in her production it took half the day I also checked if my equipment was ready to pick up for Wednesday.

Tuesday- I was supposed to be helping Nicole reshoot some shots for her production but she messaged me saying she was sick. So I filmed my first few shots at my house the bed scene and the grabbing of the hat.

Wednesday- came in to reshoot with Nicole which took about half the day I then went to collect the rest of the equipment to start filming. The previous shots were filmed using my friends tripod I then went home and my friend came round to film the two inside shots before he went to work.

Thursday- I had to work so had no time to do any of my production.

Friday-I went tot take my shots but unfortunately the lighting was way too dull and the footage I had taken was not what I wanted so we went to reshoot the next day.

Saturday I retook all the outside shots made sure they were perfect for what I needed then I had finished all I needed to do was edit the production.

cast feedback.

Cameraman Henry: “first time filming was fun found it hard at first but slowly got the hang of it.” Henry performed very well however some flaws were that he had quite shaky footage when he wasn’t using the tripod.

Soundman Bob : “I didn’t quite know what I was doing but once it was explained I was okay.” Bob performed as asked unfortunately for him the audio had too much ambient noise.

Critical Perspective Report.

My main focus was on narrative how I was telling the story of the two worlds colliding together and how I could get it perfect. At first I was focusing too much on the two character’s being In sync and I think that was my initial problem, as the two character’s couldn’t be in sync unless I filmed for a very long time which I di not have. Once I had realised this it became a lot more easier to film. The scene at the shelter was the most significant scene linked to my narrative as it is the scene when the two characters cross paths. I think it was also the hardest scene to edit as I had to use a split screen effect and when it came to colour balance it was very hard to match up as the colour kept changing due to shadows but in the end it was okay.

My other focus was on semiology because I didn’t want anything to distract the audience from the message that I’m trying to push forward. That is why I kept the production clean and plain so all the focus was on the characters and what there doing not what the surroundings were doing.

Contextuality Report

When I initially heard of the project I instantly was hooked to this idea of sync and even though I was told it may be quite hard it was what I wanted to do and I was not changing my idea.

As I said previously I did have problems with time as I wanted to make my project so perfect and in sync I wasn’t focusing enough on dead lines however I di get the footage I wanted in the end and everything was good it just wasn’t in sync or perfect like I wanted it to be another factor was money I didn’t have any budget to buy specialist equipment and had to borrow it which worked but I could have made the production  much longer and much better if I had budget to rent higher quality equipment.

final results


good points.

  1. editing work
  2. narrative
  3. camera work

I think these three things went well as they were my key focus in the production all the way threw, I was concentrating on how I was going to deliver the narrative and how I was going to do the editing on the final scene and it all turned out ok.

bad points.

  1. sound
  2. colour correction

I think these two went bad because  it was very hard to get the colour correction perfect and I think id need a lot more experience to balance it, and the sound there was just simply too much ambient noise.











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