My project is a independent film as it will not appeal to a lot of people and only a niche audience. My production team is type 45 who will be in charge of the production at hand they will be doing the filming and editing . I will be publishing my project on YouTube, twitter and vimeo as I believe these are the best programs to show your work on as a wide range of people with different tastes use these programs. my audience will be people who really like short interviews/autobiographical documentary’s as this is what my project is and I don’t think it will fulfil the needs of many other people. my project can be used as factual based education on volcanos and life as the project is based on the life of a retired volcanologist.

Technical Requirements

The technology I will require is a computer so I may edit my project  after I’m done with my filming. A camera so I can film my project  ready for editing. ill need my audio equipment a lapel mic and a zoom so I can record my sound. In terms of software I will be mainly using avid editing software as this is a standard for the industry and I feel it suits me best.

Target Audience

My main consumer would be a 70 year old man named Frank who lives off a pension as he’s retired. he would be well educated and have lived a good life. He thinks that everything is changing way too fast and there’s too many young people around. His main values in life are simple he values spending time with is family and loves watching documentary’s. His lifestyle is also simple he’s a religious man he goes to church once a week the rest of the week he spends meeting with old friends and he’s part of 4 different clubs.

My second main consumer would be a hipster named Alice. Alice is a 19 year old girl she as a part time job at a florist earning 5 pound an hour working 15 hours a week. The other hours are on her college course where she dose Journalism. She thinks that equality is not happening fast enough and she fights for it every day. She values her friends and family although she’s out all the time she never forgets her family and spends a lot of time with them going on camping trips. she loves watching vice and other documentary channels on YouTube. She lives a wild lifestyle and is known as a party animal.

Job role

camera man

  • The qualifications the cameraman will need is a associates degree in video production or a bachelors degree in film and TV.
  • They’d have to experienced with a wide range of cameras form a cannon dslr to a industry standards camera like a red dragon.
  • He should have knowledge on interfaces on cameras from different brands so when entering the industry he’s ready for anything.
  • He should be able to follow instructions he should also be good at problem solving. 2017. Cameraman Education Requirements and Career Info. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 24 May 2017].


Legal Requirements

Legally I have no copyright issues as project doesn’t include any music or anything like that however I have to watch out for trade marks so obvious branding. Other than trade marks I will need to do all my pre production paperwork for example storyboards, location recce, health and safety and much more. In my most important part of my pre production  paper work. it will be pointing out the key risks of my project and I will explain how to control them. to make my project legal and ethical I will make sure I hide any trade marks and complete my pre production paperwork to a high standard.