Primary research.

In my primary research I looked at camera angles to give me an understanding on which I like and which I don’t like and tested audio so I could see the level of interference when someone has the mic hidden or exposed. I will be comparing all my recourses and coming to a conclusion on what is the best for my project.

Angle 1


This angle is quite simple and effective as it looks like they are talking to you directly accept from talking off the side of the camera. However I don’t like the straight view I’d prefer it if  it was at a little bit of an angle as it looks like there breaking the fourth wall a bit too much.

Angle 2


In this angle its more as if I’m talking to another person rather than me talking to the camera so you could say its the other end of the spectrum. However it dose work quite well if its a conversation between two people however it wont work for my project as it is only one person talking so it isn’t as effective as a straight on shot.

Angle 3


This is angle is much similar to angle 1 accept from its got a sense of originality to it as it has got a low angle to the picture. I think this works specifically well as it allows the character to show movement in there interview. However it would have to be shot with a shotgun mic as you’d see the cable of the lapel and it wouldn’t look professional.

Angle 4


This is also very similar to angle 1 but it is a close up shot. I feel this the perfect shot for my project as it is really like your talking to the person and listening which is what I want to put across in my project. I want the audience to feel as though there in the presence of the person speaking.

Lapel mic work

when experimenting with the lapel mic to find if having it exposed is just as good as having it hidden. We found it picked up the audio crisply here are the two samples we took.


Sample 1 is an exposed mic so you can clearly see the microphone the audio is clearly crisp and works very well. However it dose look like you haven’t tried its clearly there and it reduces the effect on how professional it actually looks.

Sample 2 is a hidden mic surprisingly this worked very well seeing as the mic was completely hidden and I was wearing a t shirt. However it could just depend on the location and whether the person moves around a lot to the level of interference so its completely  unpredictable.


In conclusion to my primary research I have found that the best angle is a long shot directly on the person so you can really see his movement and his emotions. However I did appreciate the close up and I think a switch of angles at irregular intervals will be effective in my project so people are not seeing the same thing all the time.

For my mic research I have decide on having the mic exposed. This is because the video I’m producing is clearly an interview and there is no need to go through the hassle to hide the mic if I can get crisp audio with it exposed.