Interview techniques.


My research is going to be focused toward interview techniques as that’s what my project is about. It will mainly be towards biographical interviews as that is my focus I will be looking through to find short examples so I have an understanding.

Found Footage.

First thing I picked up on from the first documentary I found Conor McGregor Rise to Fame is the use of found footage they use early training videos from when he first started in the UFC to show where he started. Another technique I picked up on in terms of found footage was photos in a video I found called Life Story of Bill Gates. It shows pictures from when he was young and when he first started out to create effect. I think that found footage may be good for my project however I don’t want to over use it as I want the focus to be mainly towards visuals and talking. Contradicting that I believe that the found footage will really bring the dialog to life and it is a very effective technique.

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Who to interview.

After watching a few documentaries I came across the documentary Ernest Hemingway, Wrestling With Life. In this documentary It showed a range of Ernest Hemingway’s family members talking threw  his life I found this in another documentary Jay Z: The Rise To Success. I think this will be good for my documentary as it will let other people in my family describe there memory’s of my Grandad. However I want the focus to be on my grandad as its his life story and I think too much dialog from other family will draw attention away from him.

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I personally believe strong visuals in a documentary is one of the most effective ways of telling a story as demonstrated in the documentary Stephen Hawking: A Personal Journey. In this documentary they use a lot of visuals and its very effective. I want to use visuals in my production as I think they will fit in perfectly and be very effective over the dialog of my garndad talking. I want to use visuals of his garden primarily as he works very hard on his garden and he’s very proud of it.

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In conclusion to my research on techniques I have found that, the use of found footage is very effective and really brings the words of the person being interviewed to life even though at first I thought against it. I’ve also found that it is really important to know who you interviewing and don’t just interview everyone and mainly people close to the person your interviewing. I’ve also found that strong visuals is a very good backing to nearly all interviews and documentary’s.



In this section I will be looking at the locations of my interviews. obviously all the locations are already set but I will be mainly thinking and researching what will look good in interviews all together, and hopefully coming to conclusion on what looks good and what dose not.

Front rooms.

Front rooms are a place of comfort and it is known that people talk more freely in a comfortable place and this is shown in the interview Seth & Tyler: Tyler, The Creator Interviews Seth Rogen. In the interview it is clear that Seth Rogen is talking really freely about his life and career and I believe this is because he feels comfortable sat on the sofa. This could work in my production  very well as when some of my family talk about my grandma they get emotional as she was a great woman and did a lot for the family and her passing away was an emotional time. So to be sat on a sofa talking will give them a comforting feeling.


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Gardens or outside areas.

When looking for interviews in outside areas I came across an interview with the rapper Kendrick Lamar and one of the most influential people in the rap industry Rick Ruben. In this interview the ambient noise really creates an effect on the viewer its very peaceful and relaxing. I believe this could carry over to my project as my granddad has a beautiful garden and he’s very proud of it. There’s also normally stuff happening in the field behind it so if I can control the ambient noise it will be perfect for my granddads interview.


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in conclusion to this section I believe that different backgrounds will suite different people. The garden would be more for my grandad as I said his garden is very important to him and he take a lot of time out of his day to work on. It also as I said has a lot going on and if I am able to control the ambient noise I think it will suite perfectly. However for my aunties I will use there living rooms so they feel comfortable as I interview them and they answer the questions more openly. For my mum I will also do it in the garden as my mum is also very garden proud she spends a lot of time on her garden and the ambient noise will be perfect. contradicting that I will let all the people I am interviewing chose where they want to be interviewed and where they will feel comfortable.