Project proposal.

location Reece.

health and safety.

Project 2 evaluation.

My project was a risk because it took a completely different angle. My project is about being friends with yourself and enjoying the company of one. It’s completely based on narrative as it uses only footage to tell a story of a boy searching for friendship only to find he prefers to be alone.

In my pre-production process, I had to develop a project proposal which is a proposal I hand in so it can be read through and approved. It includes a rational and a project concept all with a set amount of words and a range of questions. We also had to create a location Reece sheet which is used for location information marking down every minor detail of the location so the higher people know what we’re doing. The other pre-production paperwork is a health and safety guide a health and safety guide issued to let the production team know and beware of the surrounding dangers. In production, I had to simply produce the work by filming it. In post-production, I had to edit the film and make it ready for publishing.

My goal in this project was to tackle the difficulties of friendship how it’s not always easy to make friends but enjoying your own company is completely fine. Whether the product shows this I’m not entirely sure because the music seems to make it feel sad but at the same time that’s good so when people watch it maybe they’ll realise that some people need a friend.

My ideal target audience is as I’ve said before 13 to 17 year olds so teenage years. This is because I really want to show these ages that people need friends and you can’t just judge them for being alone when you don’t know what’s going on. That’s why it’s for these ages as education. I believe with the footage and the music it dose depict loneliness very well and I think it really promotes the idea so yes it dose push the idea to the age range. The audience should consume my media product because it will surely help the lonely people realise it’s okay to be alone and the other people to maybe try and make friends with the lonely people.

In my production, there was not many mistakes. However, there was a lot leading up to it and one minor mistake in production. For starters, this wasn’t my original idea my original idea was much more advanced and would have come out very well if what had happened didn’t happen. What happened first was the camera ran out of battery on set so I had to switch to shooting on my phone and later that day my phone got stolen with all footage on. Now in the production there is a slight camera wobble close to the end which is unfortunately quite noticeable. To solve the problems, I encountered I simply had to start again from scratch it was not easy but I had to do it. The camera wobble I just tried to trim out but the consumer will notice it.

To make my project better I could have done a lot of things because my production is not perfect at all if I could I would fix the lack of audio the flow of story the whole general

idea but I was faced with a bigger issue than most people and I worked hard to solve it. This has help me learn though I now know when making films and stuff I must be extremely careful with footage and other things because I never want this again.