In this task, I’m going to create a general timeline and a personal timeline following through with the different directions you can go.

General timeline

Stage 1 education- In stage one, you should start at college studying a course related to media, specifically film and tv and you must study that. Later on, you would either move to stage 2 or go to university if you do go to university you could go straight to finding work which is stage 3 if its only temporary. If not it would be stage 4 which is a safe contract job.

Stage 2 apprenticeships and internships- In stage 2 which can be followed from college or university depending on the contacts you make. If you move to an internship you won’t be paid but you will gain very important experience which you can use to move onto stage 3 or 4 depending what job you get offered. However, you could also be offered a job in the company you’re doing the internship for. Apprenticeship is practically the same but you get paid to work.

Stage 3 freelance work- In freelance work it is you working for yourself. Now depending what line you went down whether it was lighting or sound it doesn’t matter because you start a company doing what you want to do you have to take out a business loan and hope to get work.

Stage 4 permanent work – When you reach a certain age and you need job security it is better to just start working for a company stably otherwise you may not get any work.

My timeline

Now- studying at canterbury college.

2 years- gap year.

3 years- apprenticeship or internship.

4 years- freelance lighting or editing.

In the background directing.

10 years- make short films occasional lighting.

20 years- big shot director.