For this task I am going to research and compare a editing software I will look at reviews, and compare the reveiws in similaritys and differences also look at there pros and cons.



I personally believe that avid is one of the most professional software’s simply because it’s not like the rest it is so unique but yet it runs everything so smooth however this is a personal opinion of avid let’s see what other people say.

The first review I found said that avid is an industry standard software and that if you want a job in the film and TV business you should know how to use it especially if you’re going to the Hollywood film industry.

The cons in this review say that it is however very complicated to use and that it can take a lot of practice to get used to it fortunately though after using it for the first time I feel confident that at the end of the year I’ll know my way around it.

The second review basically said the same thing with the additional comment about the menus saying there well laid out but however, it also has some additional comments on the cons saying that it is more expensive than competitive editing software and it says the interface is boring.

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