My task.

In my introduction to editing I was given a series of video footage of a surfer and was told the basics on how to edit with Avid. Avid is a difficult program to operate as it is not just simply drag and drop like the other video editing software’s but instead you cut it before you even put it into your timeline. We also had to set up the file type making sure it was a 720 export on pal at 25 fps. When I first opened avid I had to make sure I was saving my file to the right place and that it is in my edit folder in my project folder. The project folder contains three different folders video, audio and edit the folders are where you store everything to make your project and where you save your project. When I got into the program there were things called bins now this was where the folders and the editing came together because these bins were where I was to store my audio and video footage for the project. As we were given the video and audio this made it easier as I didn’t have to transfer and look through the footage. Then after a while of getting used to the program I started selecting and cutting and placing coming to my final outcome which is below.



looking at my final outcome i’d say it went very well and that it is a well edited project. However I didn’t experiment as much as I should have done but I look forward to tackling that challenge in future projects. I’d also say I didn’t play around with different effects I think generally in future projects I should take more risks.