Snapchat- Snapchat was launched in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown who were students at Stanford college at the time. originally it was called picaboo it quickly then changed to the name of snapchat. the snapchat logo or mascot ghost face chillah is named after the wu tang clan member ghost face killah. Snapchat has to date 150 million daily active users and 301 million monthly active users. this is not including the people who have it but do not use it. Facebook offered to buy snapchat for 3 billion dollars but they were declined. The average amount of snaps sent a second is 9000. Snapchat is a good social network to post skits a lot of comedians do it. However it dose have weakness’ such as any video’s you do have to be filmed on snapchat otherwise they cant be published. Also they only will be on there for 24 hours and then after that there deleted but very recently they’ve made it so you can save it to something called memories so that problem has been solved. The fact you can save it to memories also means you can post it to Facebook  or other social media platforms. Another weakness about snapchat is every video you produce has to be in 10 second sections and that could be a problem if your making a longer video but could also work to your advantage if your having a lot of cuts. Altogether snapchat is an okay place to make videos but it may not go far as your friends cant share it so you’d have to extend to other media platforms to get your video out there. However some strength’s are you can alert people when you have new videos on YouTube or Facebook and give them a preview. Another strength is snapchat is a very popular program so a lot of people use it. I personally follow a lot of celebrity’s that post documentary’s of them on set so I do that. However the weakness for this is that not many people would actually watch the whole video.


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Vimeo- Vimeo has an average of 170 million Vimeo viewer’s a month. Vimeo have 35 million members and 500,000 premium users. Vimeo was founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein . Vimeo was the first social media platform to support HD videos in 2007.The program also holds a video award for nearly every category of film with large cash prizes. This could work to the advantage of me and other film makers in the sense it will help us get our projects out there and seen. Vimeo is probably one of the best platforms for what I’m doing as it is a professional site for sharing your short films. However there are definitely weakness as it isn’t a well known program in the sense of the general public so not many people outside the media and film and TV industry are familiar with. Instead it is simply for movie makers to share films with other film makers and that can stump your growth in film making. however there will be professionals scouting on Vimeo so your project could be seen and you could be recognised, which is far better than being recognised by the general public its better having 1 view from someone who matters in your industry than 1 million people who don’t. However saying that if you shared it to somewhere like Facebook and you’d made a music video and a small band viewed it and liked it then they might contact you and ask to make a music video for them. So for expanding your contacts its not perfect but if you want that professional look and edge then vimeo is definitely that platform


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Facebook- Facebook was founded by  Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 23 whilst he was studying at Harvard college. Before Facebook he had already made a couple of other sites for people round the uni such as Facemash and Coursematch. in February 2004 he launched Facebook but back then it was called The Facebook. in august 2005 they changed the name to face book after the original address was bought for 200,000 dollars from then it has grown into a worldwide success. Facebook a 1.18 billion active users to this date. There is an average of 20 minuets per user spent on Facebook a day. This leads me to the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook. For starters Facebook is by far one of the largest and well known social media platform if not the largest so it is brilliant if you want to push your work out there. Also there are many pages and groups that may have the same interests as you where you can share your work for others to see. Another strength is that videos are taken more seriously Facebook in the sense most people will watch till the end. Also Facebook let’s you share videos with your friends so it could be literally shared and shared and started.  However this dose not mean it is perfect because even though videos are watched to the end the type of audience watching them only really want to see something funny and probably wont watch till the end otherwise. Another thing is where Facebook is so big it would be hard for scouts or people you want to see your video to find it or even take the time to watch it. Other than that I think Facebook is very good for promoting work.



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