What is slateing.

You know when you watch a behind the scenes of your favourite movie and theirs that one guy who claps the board that’s slating except theirs a lot more to it that just a guy clapping a board. see slating is mainly used to sync  sound to film as when the board claps in the footage you need to match it up perfectly to when the board snaps in the audio  so you can get a perfect sync. however this is not all it dose as it can also be used for marking what scene, take and roll it is.

Sometimes you might forget to slate the scene and have to restart but there is actually a way to avoid that and still be able to sync the sound. It is called tail slating it is simply like slating accept you go in at the end with the clapper board upside down and then clap it, so when you go through your video you can still sync it.

The other one is mos with mos you don’t need to slate at all as there is no sound in mos this means you have to keep your hand inbertween the clapper and the board to indicate theirs no sound  so therefor your not clapping it.

my practical task.

my practical task was to go out take some videos using the clapper board also recording audio then syncing them together through avid editing software to see how it all works below is my results.

Reviewing my results

when watching over my videos I thought that all went well the audio and video was all synced very well there was no lag in the audio  to the video. If I had to say anything I would say that the focus on the camera is a bit off and the lighting is a bit too cold and also on the tail slate at the start you can see the mic. Other than that it went very well.