What you have to do.

When being a cinematographer you have a lot of responsibility for example camera matainence it is your responsibility to fix your camera if anything bad happen’s to it. You also are In charge of what camera is operating  at what time. You have to be ready to create the perfect shot at all times.

How to become  cinematographer.

Starting a career in cinematography is very difficult and there is certain paths you need to go down. Step 1 would probably be get some sort of degree in photography because cinematography and photography go hand in hand in the sense of frames and setting up shots and things like that. Then I’d move on to university. University is great for your contacts as you can meet loads of intresting people in university who could benifits your career massively. Another line would be an internship this is when you and work for a company for free and gain experience also you can get characters and can lead to a job. A apprenticeship is another very similar line to go down it just means you get paid to learn and expand your contacts. After this you could start freelance work which is when you work self employed not for a company, but with cinematography it is all about your style. Director’s employ you because of your style so if the Director was picking who’s going to be in his crew for a horror movie and he watched another horror movie and loved it and you were the most behind the camera he’d want you on his film, but you’d have to start off freelancing because you would need to establish your style.