Camera skills.

180 degree rule- The 180 degree rule is used in every film accept a select few which were made by some french directors. It is simply  when you stick to one side of the 360 degrees around the people. So say there are two subjects facing each other and a line goes directly threw there head you would start with an establishing shot on either the left or the right of the line. After that establishing shot which ever side you picked you have to stick to that side and can only move in a 180 degree semi circle.

Shot revers shot- Short reverse shot is after you have done the establishing shot and your two subjects are talking. It is normally an over shoulder shot which switches between characters as they speak making sure there eyes line up so they look like there  speaking to each other. most importantly they cant break the 180 degree rule whilst doing this.

My practical

In my practical I had to create a story board for a series of still images im going to take, and then go and take those pictures.

14694876_1701567900164694_1545587435_n This is a story board. As you can see all it is is a picture of what I want my frames to look like and a brief description of how the shot is going to be taken.I think this went very well and definitely helped in the next part of my practical. Next in my practical I will convert the sketches into real images as displayed below.

These are my shots these picture were primarily to practise my camera skills so the story is not the focus. The shots where I put the skills I talked about into practise are shots 3-6 the rest are just to give it a bit of story but also do touch on some skill’s learnt previously like depth and dutch angle. I think shots 3-6 went very well and are perfect examples of shot reverse shot and also the 180 degree rule it made me very aware on how these work as well. The shots clearly do what I want them to which is presenting a conversation between two people.