How to become a sound/Foley engineer.

To become a sound engineer there is many paths you can go down and many things you can do for starters theatre work. Theatre work will gain you experience and a knowledge base on how sound works it will also build your skills up to move on to something bigger. Next theirs internships and apprenticeships this also allows you to build skills up but can also lead to permanent jobs in the TV or film studio. You can also go to university this is a very good thing to do as you get good connections for later on in life.

When looking for permanent jobs the best way to go is threw freelance work as freelance means you can literally be doing anything towards sound. So you could be a sound assistant, a sound engineer, a sound designer or a sound mixer. The advantage of freelancing is it can also lead to you being apart of the Foley sound team being a Foley engineer or a Foley designer.

My sound engineer.

I have chosen Gary Rydstrom. Gary Rydstrom is known for his work on Jurassic park (1993), Finding Nemo (2003) and Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991). When working on Jurassic park (1993) he struggled to create all the prehistoric noises. Most of the noises came from a dog or a horse but the Velociraptors were in fact tortoises having sex. He uses his dog buster for sounds in Jurassic park and terminator as when he growls whilst playing with his toys he makes the perfect roar with added effects of course.

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University courses.

Course 1 is at Aberystwyth University it is a 3 year course on TV and film studies. To apply you need a GCSE C in English. The entry fee is £9000.

Course 2 is at Anglia Ruskin University it is also a 3 year course but its on film and TV production.To apply you need a GCSE C grade in English. Entry fee is £9000.