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week 3: feed back

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  1. Jenni – marking units 2,3,4 (late due to illness! 13.10) – Joe – the work that is here is rather basic, you must give more detail to your tasks. Let’s discuss this at your 1-2-1 next week. And don’t forget your reflective writing – it is vital that you do this each week.


  2. Stephen Unit 1 Feedback-
    • This post would benefit from explaining what polar patterns are. You could include the research you did about the two polar patterns you found for yourself in the session.
    • You do not seem to have all the recordings for the ambient task. You needed to use two different degrees of pickup in each location and then discuss your findings.
    • Be sure to proof read your work as there are a couple of spelling and grammatical errors.
    • We can discuss this post in lesson.


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