Mise-en-scene is simply what’s on the screen so when analysing mise-en-scene we look at the props, locations, sounds, clothes and actors. We use mise-en-scene when we watch an opening scene to a TV show or a movie so we can decode the scene to understand what its about. For example if we took a man sitting in front of a pile of drugs and money in a mansion everything either gold white or red we would instantly pin him down as a king pin or a drug lord. This is why mise-en-scene is important because we use it to analyse movies and what there about below ill used two examples of trailers from movies just to show how important it is.

The first trailer I picked is a personal favourite of mine which is the trailer for kings of summer (2013). As it opens we see a boy present a poorly built bird box to his teacher. I think the poorly built bird box represents the boys attitude as he is sloppy and has no care in his work. The teacher then goes on to say “your final was due a week ago.” This shows the boy is lazy and dose not meet deadlines. It also shows its the end of school as he says “schools over.” So altogether it shows the film could be about the boys summer holiday.

We then move on to the first shot of his dad. His dad busts into his room and tells him to move the tools out of the drive way even though its clear he’s on the phone to someone. He then continues to grab the phone and talks to the person on the other side showing his dad dose not care if he embarrasses him showing the boys home life is not perfect.

Then their’s the major shot that sets what the movie is actually about which is 3 boys running away and living in woods as when they get to a certain spot they say “this is the site of our new home.”

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The second trailer I’ve chosen is Django unchained. In the opening scene to the trailer we can instantly see its a western as there is some men on horses in a desert style place. it then instantly switches to a forest where a man approaches them in a outfit which clearly shows its a western movie.

The next scene is the most obvious as the two main characters are sat in a old western tavern having a drink after they’ve just shown a shot of a western town. So from the start the mise en scene instantly points out its a western.

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