Step 1 what im trying to find out.

when researching I want to find out which Foley sounds I will need for my cafe scene where they need to be incorporated what ill use to make those sounds and what equipment ill need to pick up the sounds.

Step 2 what I am going to research.

When researching i will need to find out how I am going to make them noises so maybe testing out a few ideas making some noises to see if there what I  want. I am also going to have to lookup the equipment ill record it on displaying my cheapest option and my expensive option. I’ll also look st someone else’s work in a film to match it to mine.

Step 3 my results

I have decide that the Foley noises ill need for my scene are:

Background talking

Tea pouring

The cars from outside

Each of these will have to be recorded in a controlled environment using objects or people however I did not have the time to test out the sounds so I don’t know what works yet.

The equipment I will need for this is a small handy mic like the zoom q2. The zoom q2 is a high quality mic and perfect for the job I want to do. I can buy the q2 for prices lower than £100 off of eBay. However if I had more money I could buy the q4 which is the better version of the q2 for around £300.

zoom q2 | eBay . 2016. zoom q2 | eBay . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 09 October 2016].

The film scene I chose is the opening scene in Pulp Fiction(1994). I chose this because the Foley and ambient noise is well controlled so it is the perfect example to refer to when making my scene.

YouTube. 2016. Pulp Fiction – Opening Scene – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 09 October 2016].

Step 4 report my research.

Reading threw the research I have done I can see I’ve come up with a suitable price for a audio recorder and I have also displayed a film I can refer to whilst making my scene. However  I did not have the time to research what sounds I will need.