Condenser mic- The condenser mic is a type of microphone which has a stronger signal than a dynamic they are also much much more sensitive than a dynamic mic. Therefor there much more suited for picking up more quite sounds.

Dynamic mic- Dynamic mics are more durable and need very little maintenance they also don take battery and don’t need charge and fit into most inputs. the sound pickup isn’t as sensitive as condenser but the quality is equal.

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My practical task.

my practical task was to go out and record sounds in different places to see what i pick up on a mic in relations to the polar pattern below is my results.


sound 1 outdoor loud- For this we used a 30 degree polar pattern it is loud as we were right next to a ac unit but however it did still manage to pick up passing cars.


sound 2 indoor quite- we used a 150 degree mic for this it worked quite well as we picked up a lot of different sounds.


sound 3 outdoor quite- for outdoor quite we used a 150 degree mic it picked up sound very well from all directions including the football table.


sound 4 indoor loud- for indoor loud we use a 30 degree polar pattern as there is a lot of noise so its not very clear but it still picked up a lot.


My practical task 2.

my 2nd practical was to go out and record Foley sounds here are my results.


sound 1 footsteps – specifically footsteps on stairs.

sound 2 horse gallop

sound 3 human voice

sound 4 rain-  specifically on a window

sound 5 running water

sound 6 saw

sound 7 space ship

The noises from the Foley practical task came out very well they are all very clear and you can tell what they are. If I’ve learnt one thing from this task it is that you must have no ambient sound and that it ruins the sound you should be focusing on. The best sound is probably the rain on a window as if you close your eyes its almost as if its in front of you.

Most of the sounds were using our body so Horse gallop, human voice, space ship and  footsteps but rain was plastic bag being crinkled. Running water was water from a tap. The saw was a butter knife on a table. i think the reason we took this approach was mainly trial and error as we also tried a lot of stuff that did not work.