How to become a lighting engineer.

To become a lighting engineer you need to follow a career path starting with work experience. As in the film and TV world its not just about having grades you’ll also need experience in the field your going into so if you were going into lighting you’d need to do a bit of work in the lighting part of the industry. You can also go to university as not only will you learn more about lighting and gain experience you need, you’ll also make friends who can be connections in the future. This would then lead on to you either becoming a free lance, having an internship or an apprenticeship. Free lance work is completely self employed you have your own equipment and you go to the set and at the end they’ll let you go as in you don’t stay on. A internship is when you work for a company for free for the experience. An apprenticeship is very similar to an internship accept from you get paid for an apprenticeship.

What a lighting engineer dose.

A lighting engineer has a very important job they have the task of setting up a perfect lighting rig to give the best amount of light to create the perfect set. They also have to do lighting maintenance which means they have to fix any problems with the lights. Free lancers will carry there own equipment and make sure they maintenance regularly to avoid any maintenance on set.