Step 1 -what your trying to find out.

I am going to be researching what types of lighting i will need to film my cafe scene i talked about in week 1 research. I will need to know what type of equipment will create the best light, what angles the lights should be at  and also look a little bit into the history of lighting to see how they did scenes similar to my example in the past.

Step 2-what I am going to research.

For starters I am going to research the lighting equipment available at the moment  I am going to see what type of light it emits I am also going to find my cheapest option and my expensive option. I am then going to look at some examples of lighting rigs and figure out which example would fit my scene the best. Then finally I am going to watch some key scenes from films which involve romance in a cafe to see how they did it and hopefully find some relation for my example.

Step 3- my results

When researching I found that my cheapest and most efficient way of lighting my set is to get a set of 3 800 watt tungsten lights  for £109.99 the lamps look sturdy and come with a bag to transport them in, however they aren’t led and they don’t come with anything to muffle the light for when I don’t want it to be as intense. my more expensive option exceeds £800 and includes dimming led lights and a reflector but as I am on a budget the tungsten lights are the best option. film lights. 2016. film lights. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 October 2016].

When in lesson I learned about a lighting setup called 3 point lighting which is probally the most accurate setup to use for my scene as it will create a tense and dramatic look whilst the actors talk.

When researching scenes from past films i thought the cafe scene in Inception(2010) was the best to match my example because although it is not a romance scene the lighting is almost exactly the same as I want it to be in my scene.

YouTube. 2016. Inception – Dream World Cafe Scene (2/5) (HD) – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 October 2016].

Step 4- report on my research

Reading threw my research I believe that my results were very successful as I have found an appropriate way to light my set which is low in cost. I have also found a suitable rig to refer to and I have a scene from a famous movie to relate to.