Content expectations in genre.

There are many different genres and a lot of sub genres but focusing on just genre you have your main ones that everyone knows fantasy, crime, western, romance, thriller, drama, sci fi, horror, rom/com, action and adventure. With these genres we expect different things for example if we go to see a crime we expect either murder, a bank heist or simply just a story about growing in the crime ridden hood but obviously there are many more. Its the same with all genres:

Westerns we expect horses,  guns, salons, tumble weed and the hot sun.

Thrillers we expect implied violence, relatable situations, fear and the big one a plot twist.

How to analyse a genre.

When we are watching films we can analyse and find out the genre within in the first scene we do this by looking at the mis-en-scene which is in simplest terms what’s on the screen. So if you were watching a horror we’d instantly look for mould on walls maybe a creepy doll or a rocking horse or simply a murderer or a ghost just general stuff you expect to see in a horror. In most films of a same genre type there is that one classic scene that defines it under that genre this can help to analyse a film as well.

Why is genre important.

Genre is important because it defines a film down to what it is. If it wasn’t for genre we would not know what movies were about as genre instantly gives us a brief description about what it is, for example when we hear horror we instantly know were in store for scares maybe ghosts and monsters, but if we heard oh its just a film it could literally be anything and you don’t want to pay pay for anything when you go to see a film.

Lighting in genre.

In different types of genres they use different types of lighting this is because different types of lighting  is used to create different effects. For example a sci fi has very bright lighting to create a futuristic feel and a horror movie would use red atmospheric lights to create a eerie look. Some genres are more or less similar as a lot of just neutral outdoor lighting is used across genres accept from mainly horrors sci fi and thriller which  have very unique lighting.