Semiology is the study of signs it is when you see an object on screen and you instantly decode it to what it is. Sometimes objects on screen can be encoded meaning there containing a message.

Frequently in films we use colour as when we see a certain colour we see all the different meanings and match them to the film for example:


  • danger
  • love
  • luxury
  • anger
  • heat


  • envy
  • happy
  • natural
  • jealousy
  • greed
  • wealth


  • happy
  • caution
  • warmth
  • summer
  • enlightenment
  • success


  • sick
  • sad
  • cold
  • nostalgia
  • relaxed
  • space
  • aura

My skins character

Name: Alice Hoskin

Style: wears odd socks with vans pumps and loose fitted jeans with paint splats on. She also wears a oversized t shirt which is blue with paint splats on. Her blond hair is done up in a messy bun with a pencil stuck threw it always a 2b in shade.

Personality: Alice is very outgoing she spends more time out than in she is also a wild card and will do nearly anything to impress her Friends who she loves like family as her family is broken.

Bedroom: is very messy but yet very arty. It is full of canvases with paintings on accept there not hanging up there scattered on the floor her bed is very large and very magical as it is painted like a princess bed her walls in her room are covered in paintings of castles theirs also a lot of clothes on the floor.