What a Director directs.

  • camera
  • lighting
  • editing
  • sound
  • actors

What it takes to be a director.

  • determination
  • skills
  • leadership
  • consistency
  • perfectionist
  • patience
  • going to university -for connections
  • passion
  • confidence
  • vision/creativity
  • luck/money
  • developing skills-make/watch films

A Director and his story.

For my director I picked Colin Trevorrow. Colin Trevorrow was making films from the age of 12,he studied film and dramatic writing. when he graduated he wrote and directed his first film Home Base (2002) which was a viral success. He then went on to direct his first feature film Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) which was written by one of his friends he met on his internship on Saturday night live.

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