My mood board.

A mood board to show who I am in pictures from magazines and off the internet. the task was to make a mood board of images to show who I am so I start with the obvious my name Joe Russell and follow with more complicated explanations. For example the dog with the cone is my felling of restriction that I am just stuck to one place, all the rappers and the music artists are not things I like but music is a big influence in my life as I personally create music. and they are just some of the reasons for the pictures.



A film or TV scene which I liked. (Masters of None)

For my film clip I chose Masters of None this scene is located in the last episode of the 1st series. This episode was directed by Aziz Ansari and a few others. I like this particular scene because I think it connects really well to my life and the lives of others, as it presents life as a fig tree and that each fig is a different opportunity and a path of life and if you think about it you can see your own life in the way he does.

It also show the missed opportunity’s and makes you reflect on the missed opportunity’s you may have had by describing it as dead figs that fall off the tree as in opportunity’s missed which you cannot relive.

clip link:

picture from: (Thursday 15th September)


My monolog.


My monolog about who I am and what I do.

My life montage




A montage of pictures including my friends family where I hang out my bedroom my job and me.